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Dynaωo v1.1.0 release

Dynaωo’s new version - V1.1.0 - has been released on March, the 23rd. It notably includes Windows (compilation with Visual Studio 2019) and MacOS portabilities, improvements on numerical robustness (especially by the automatic generation of mode changes from Modelica models in case of tough events such as short-circuit) and performances improvements through the large use of aliased and calculated variables, both from C++ and Modelica models.

In addition to these new features, new models and test cases are also available in the Dynaωo library:

The full details concerning the release content is available here and the different distributions could be retrieved from the Try/Install page.

OpenModelica workshop

Two presentations related to the use of Modelica for power system simulations were done during the last OpenModelica workshop, held in Linköping on February the 3rd.