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IEEE PES General Meeting presentation

A presentation on the Dynaωo approach is scheduled at the next IEEE PES General Meeting conference, that will be held virtually during August 2020. The presentation is included into a very nice panel session on “Numerical challenges in multi-energy simulations” and is entitled “Speed-up of Modelica based large-scale simulations, the example of the open-source tool Dynaωo”. It explains the main principles of the approach before going into more details on the advanced strategies used in Dynaωo to reach performances compatible with an industrial use. If you have registered for the conference, the presentation is available here.

Dynaωo v1.2.0 release

Dynaωo’s new version - V1.2.0 - has been released on July, the 31st. It notably includes the release of steady-state calculation models (restorative load, generators, frequency regulation model - SignalN -, HVDCTanPhi and HVDCPV), the creation of an examples directory with associated documentation and additional test cases, an important effort leading to a 20 % improvement on performances for large-scale test cases (variables simplification, algorithm optimization and implementation improvements) and a better modeling robustness (bad topology handling, propagation of disconnection signals, etc.).

In addition to these new features, new models and test cases are also available in the Dynaωo library:

The full details concerning the release content is available here and the different distributions could be retrieved from the Try/Install page.

Dynaωo becomes a suite of simulation tools

Dynaωo ‘s primary focus has been on long-term and short-term stability studies but the very encouraging results obtained and the flexibility of the approach led to an extension of the initiative. Dynaωo is now evolving towards a complete and coherent suite of simulation tools, sharing the same philosophy:


Go to their specific web page to learn more about each simulation tool: DynaFlow, DySym, DynaWaltz, DynaSwing and DynaWave.

OpenModelica workshop

Two presentations related to the use of Modelica for power system simulations were done during the last OpenModelica workshop, held in Linköping on February the 3rd.